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Innovative and Creative
Audio Cassette/Book Drum Instruction

The benefits of learning through a cassette are significant. Rod Morgenstein has made an important contribution to drum education, and his ideas will, no doubt, be imitated.
The raving reviews:

"At last, a tutor that is entertaining, easy to listen to and refreshingly inventive. I'm quite confident that the drummer doesn't exist who wouldn't find this tutor useful. Easily the best tutor I've ever encountered."
--- Modern Drummer Magazine

"Now you can learn numerous drum techniques, concepts, beats and fills through this unique combination of audio cassettes and books. There are 3 sessions: Grooving In Styles/Filling In The Holes, Double Bass Drumming and Odd Time. Each session contains 2 one-hour cassettes and accompanying book. With emphasis on the cassettes, this method is effective for both readers and non-readers. Many beats and fills are played at slow tempos so they can be learned by ear." --- Rhythm Magazine

Odd Time --- Bamo Productions

"Odd Time has turned out to be the most useful and practical lesson I've ever had." --- Rhythm Magazine.

This session contains a wide range of odd time topics, including beats in many different time signatures, soloing ideas, odd-note groupings, jamming, beat conversions and multiple/changing time signatures. Enter the world of Odd Time and experience this fascinating and important aspect of drumming.

Grooving In Styles/Filling In the Holes -Cherry Lane Publishing

"There is not a boring mechanical pattern to be found here; everything feels great." --- Modern Drummer Magazine

This session contains a highly diversified selection of beats stressing feel and groove, an in-depth look at ghost strokes, linear beats, hi-hat tricks, shuffles, march feels and funk ideas. Spice up your playing and develop the versatility to set you apart from others with Grooving In Styles/Filling In the Holes.

For further information contact: Music Dispatch 1(800) 637-2852.

Double Bass Drumming - Cherry Lane Publishing

"Rod's ideas on this subject will help anyone improve musically on the instrument as well as technically." --- Rhythm Magazine

This session contains the incredible double bass drum shuffle, as well as a multitude of double bass beats and fills, 6-note groupings,'awkward' fills, cymbal 'smashing' and bass drum aerobics. Get into Double Bass Drumming and add power, drive and a new dimension to your drumming.

For further information contact: Music Dispatch 1(800) 637-2852.


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