Rod's book "Drum Set Warm-Ups",
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Drum Set Warm-ups
Berklee Press

"Rod Morgenstein has written the definitive text for improving technical facility on the drum set. Equivalent to Stone's Stick Control, this is the finest in-depth treatment of the subject I've seen. Destined to become a classic in drum literature and a must for anyone serious about the instrument."
RON SPAGNARDI, Editor/Publisher, Modern Drummer Magazine

Ever wondered why guitarists warm up on their guitars, pianists warm up on pianos, sax players warm up on saxophones, and drummers warm up on........slabs of rubber glued to chunks of wood ? Hey, I've got a great idea. What do you think about drummers warming up on...... drum sets ?

Obviously, a drum pad is essential for learning the proper way to hold the sticks, and for learning the basics of hand, wrist and finger development. But what about the dramatically increased range of motion involved in playing the drum set, moving from drum to drum, executing an intricate lick between the hands and feet, or lunging for a crash cymbal some distance away? Not to mention, with drum sets being so individual these days ranging from small, two-piece cocktail kits to monster sets with unlimited BDs, snares, toms, and cymbals, the ability to move around the kit unhindered and full of confidence is a must. It was in this moment that I decided to write a drum set warm-up book.

The idea is to spend the first part of your drum set practice (that is, after a drum pad warm-up) doing a series of warm-up exercises which consist of a variety of motions; up, down, clockwise, counter-clockwise, cross-over, cross-under, criss-cross and side-to-side. Some of the patterns are quite awkward and unusual, in an attempt to achieve greater technical facility; much like athletes who go through all kinds of unorthodox workout routines that don't necessarily reflect the sport they play, but serve a greater purpose-ie. a football player running through a maze of tires to improve agility, quickness, and response time.

Many patterns in the book are not intended to be cool, practical beats or fills, although they may spur the imagination with new ways to be creative. Through these exercises, I feel that a greater facility and command of the drum set will be achieved, along with a dramatic increase in one's confidence.

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