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Rod in high school

Universtity Of Miami senior recital

Dixie Dregs on U of M Campus

Dixie Dregs 'Unsung Heroes' Shot at the nearly burned down band house

The first Modern Drummer Festival 1987 - Joe Morello, Rod, Dave Weckl, Danny Gottlieb, Kenny Aronoff, Alan Dawson

Winger, Mr.Big, King's X and friends at the Santa Monica Civic Center 1989

Winger goes Gold - Paul Taylor, Kip Winger, Ahmet Ertigan, Rod, Reb Beach

The 'Mother of all drum rigs'

Steve Morse, Jan Hammer, Jerry Goodman, T Lavitz, and Rod

Rod and Alan White(Yes) - NAMM 1995

Andy Timmons, Rod, Steve Morse and Mike Stern at Thoughbred Music's Annual Guitar Expo

Matt Sorum, Kenny Aronoff, Cathy Rich (Buddy Rich's daughter), Neil Peart and Rod at the "Burnin' For Buddy" CD release concert, NYC 1994

Rod, Tom Brechtlein, Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Trilok Gurtu, J R Robinson, El Negro, Simon Phillips and Ndugu at PAS 1997

Pain or pleasure?

On tour in Japan circa 1991

jamming w/Slash and Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick at Thoroubred Music's Guitar Expo

Michele w/Kip and Reb during 'In The heart of the Young' Winger tour

My first cymbal--a monster 10" ride/crash

hanging in my backyard fall '07

w/Albert Lee during the Steve Morse Band 'Stand Up' sessions

goofing around w/Mark O'Connor

w/Steve Morse and Eric Johnson during the 'Stand Up' sessions

w/singer Alex Ligertwood (who sang vox on 'Stand Up') and Steve Morse

2 Winger guys in the good ole days

Pounding the Roland V-drums
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